Current Routeburn conditions 26/10/20 ?.

Anybody seen anything that-a-way recently ?.
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No. Didn't go McKenzie Hut this time. Short on days. People looking fairly shagged arriving at Harris Shelter from that way. :) No discussion about sightseeing from MH & I didn't ask about it. I believe track is open all the way 7th Dec ?. On way in couple chainsaw groups clearing trees, little 1-man digger replacing rock/netting anti-erosion features, helicopter flying buckes of cement or gravel ?. Getting a long Xmas break, so intend to go back with a tent if a spell of clear days looks likely. Wednesday they forecast 145mm rain on Friday, starting Thursday evening. Thursday it became 19mm rain starting Fri evening. Hiked out Fri morn with raincoat for 1st hour. Dry thereafter, tho rain spots followed me up to Glenorchy & Qtown by lunchtime. You know how the Fiordland forecasts go ?!. Cheers !.
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Started by Pro-active
On 26 October 2020
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