Rakiura Track - Drinking water?

Hello Folks, Apologies if this has already been covered. We are planning to run the Rakiura Track and we cannot find anywhere if there is drinking water supply anywhere on the route? If there is where is it located? Many thanks in advance:)
the great walk? at the huts, crosses several streams, water is safe to drink.
A lot of it falls from the sky too (at least it did in my time there) and it is also safe to drink!
Not sure about round the Rakiura track but a lot of that Stewart Island water looks like beer with foam and all. It must make the beer drinkers crave that stuff.
In my 5 years in Ireland what flowed out of the peatbogs and down the rivers looked like Guinness. Count it as one of your 5-a-day.
Mossey water is good for you. Sometimes a little crunchy but still good. I remember my school days tramping in Fiordland. No one carried water bottles. You just shoved hands into the moss on the side of the track they filled up with water and you drank it. Lovely earthy taste like a good whisky. (not that as a 15 year old in days when the drinking age was 21 I was able to make the comparison (officially at least))

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Started by Hick101
On 11 October 2020
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