Alternative route to get into Otaki Forks

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The Gorge road is closed, is there any other way to get into OF?
there was an emergency access track that goes up the hill before the slip, last time they did work on the track, the reading DOC"s website theres no mention of it now,175.230289&z=15 otherwise its the Pukeatua track from mangaone road
the carpark was originally before roaring meg.. at this rate if they cant stabilise the road long term or dont want to spend the money on it, the carpark could be shifted permanetly back before the slip...
That adds quite a bit to the trip but that road has been an issue for a while. They were talking about permanent closure last time there was a big slip. Otherwise it looks like good access on the other side of the river from the bridge but its private land that side
I found details of the previous Blue Bluff emergency access track here: The track crosses private property so before using it either wait for DOC to negotiate access or ring the landowner yourself. Alternatives include dropping down to the Otaki river, which is not so good when the river is up, or making a judgement call about walking or biking along the road (it hasn't slipped away yet and foot traffic is lighter and slower than motor vehicles). The Pukeatua track is another option (also reliant on private property access) but that adds a good few hours and vertical metres to any trip at the start and finish.
there is no access on the other side of the river where the slip is
Looking at the map there is a 4wd track (steep gravel thats all) to a bridge. I believe the bridge is privately owned as is the land on that side but it looks easy travel on the map. Its an option Doc should look into although it will probably involve payment etc
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the roads are on private land go to private residences. they are a dead end,
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Today yes but it is a possibility but a lot of doc negotiation and track building
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its up to council to pay for the road, last time they were talking about not repairing the road at all, they wont pay to build a new one, the answer may end up being , walk... shame because a lot of people access that road for recreation, the vast majority from porirua wellington, and manawatu but the much smaller council of Kapiti has to pay to keep it open.
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