Macpac Minaret or Olympus

Hi Folks, Both look like great tents but trying to decide between the two. Mainly for myself tramping in the Tararuas but also with my five year old (and getting bigger) son for when we go camping. I’m 6ft and understand the Minaret may be a little short for taller users. Just wondering if anybody has any experiences to share. Cheers
yeah, more length in the olympus, inside and in the vestibule. get them to unravel them in the shop so you can compare, , if you can, wait, there will eventually be a sale... could be one for labour weekend but there will be one before xmas. these links should have the floor plan images and dimensions one side of the minaret is shorter with an angled floor by the door, but the apex may be the same length as the olympus but the measurement doesnt show to the apex, only to half way between the apex and the shorter side
I'm made this comment before but Geoff Spearpoint once told me he considered the Minaret to be a better bet in strong wind because the profile was lower. Can you sleep on the diagonal a bit if need be? I've slept in both tents and owned an Olympus back in the day. They certainly give peace of mind in strong winds at the cost of a heavier weight to carry. I would consider losing my Olympus to have been a blessing but of course we are constrained not to camp in high winds so confined to below the bushline camps in those conditions.
I am 6ft 2 and own a Minaret. I have no problems with the room, provided that I always use the end that is longer. Fits me and my pack (or a shorter friend) very comfortably.
I’d agree with Honora that the Minaret doesn’t lose anything to the Olympus in terms of adverse conditions performance. The Minaret is longer on one side so ideal for a big person/smaller person pair or two smaller people, you lose some vestibule space and quite a bit of weight compared to the Olympus. Two big hunters or mountaineers spending multiple days in the alpine in all conditions and wanting space for messing around sorting out lots of gear would likely want an Olympus, otherwise for me I’d rather save the weight and bulk with a Minaret.
Thanks for your help everybody-much appreciated. I ended up going for the Minaret. Looks to be well made and having already pitched it, has plenty of space for what I want it for. Cheers all.

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Started by kuotadriver
On 1 October 2020
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