Didn't book Milford on time, now it's full. HELP

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Patsy question. Promo for a website. High 'Thumbs-up" score by dishing out to everybody.
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Bit more subtly done than the paid-service postcode finder Q&A 'pair' a couple of weeks back. Points for that, at least.
@ian-silver are you associated with the nzhuts.com website? Convince me you’re not. —moderator
I understand why you think that, but I honestly just found the answer to my own question and shared it here. The replies I got here were OK but didn't help me with my problem. I came back and let the nice people who tried to help me know what I found on google. I don't know how to convince you nor I think it's my responsibility. You can delete this thread if you wish like you did my other comments, doesn't matter much to me, apart from the uncomfortable feeling of being falsely accused...
i think someone commented on another tread about the website in question, although legal it sanctioned queue jumping for profit... which some were unhappy about.. people so hell bent on particular tracks like they have to do it to be happy, because they are objective orientated... theres no shortage of places to tramp where you'd be as happy... people have a tendancy to get fixated on places they've been informed about beforehand. frankly i thought the milford track was way over rated... its a nice enough track but not for everyone... not for people who want any sort of a challenge. you have to live walking endlessly with your head in the bush and in valleys because you're not up high for long and chances are you wont see much when you're up high... and i yhou dont like heavy rain, its not the place for you... with al the money you have to pay for boats, it could be better spent elsewhere, scenically its not better than the road to milford sound or milford sound... with lots of bad weather the huts are cramped and steamy sharing with another 40 people. the milford track is a track with above average scenery i've heard as many people say how underwhelmed they were and bored at times on the track especially given how much its hyped, google photos for the milford and they are mainly photos of nice weather, on a track thats in one of the wettest places in the world.. its far more likely to be raining than sunny i posted photos online of a popular track once, it had 100,000 hits, none of my other trips had anything like the no of hits... no way i'd recommend a track i like online and find i've contributed to it going viral and being over run
You may of got caught in the crossfire from a spammers attack on this site. We had just had a run of people posting a question then someone else posting the answer a few minutes later. These questions were not really on topic for this site and both the post and answer came from new members as their first post. Your posts looked so similar. Apologies are due if we got it wrong.
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No worries, you just did your job to protect your forum and I respect that.
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Forum Tracks, routes, and huts
Started by ian-silver
On 21 September 2020
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