Tramping after TKR surgery

Does anyone tramp or know somebody who still tramps after a total knee replacement? What issues (if any) do you/they have? My Doc just gave me the bad news this morning :-(
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Yes, I knew Don quite well. He was a stubborn old bugger - and very determined. But, he struggled on one leg at first, to such a degree that many of trips were so late out of the hills on Sunday night (some got left behind) that many people wouldn't sign up for trips if they saw his name on the list. To his credit he overcame that in the end.
Trips I went on with him wernt fast but how many trips with people deep in their 80s are
I read an autobiography about an Iraqi doctor who pioneered amputations in Australia where the prosthesis engages with a rod inserted in the bone, instead of a stump (osseointegration). This avoids the sweaty tender stump and the direct weight bearing into the bone was so much more comfortable. One of his books was called "Going Back". Fascinating read. He escaped from Iraq under Sadaam Hussein but went back to do these operations. Great courage. So much to appreciate in his books. The other book is called "Walking Free". I hate to think of amputees suffering needlessly when these innovatons exist. Munjed Al Muderis revised the amputation of a Chch earthquake victim a few years ago.
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You could take up sea kayaking instead (or in conjunction with shorter easier tramping). Easy to carry supplies for a long trip without loading up your joints too much, get to some remote and spectacular places, do tramping day trips to even more remote places...
Dunno about TKR but my torn knee meniscuses (menisci?) were the end of my kayaking. Can manage sit-on kakay or packraft but anything that requires bracing using the legs - forget it.
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