Tarn and Youngmans Stream huts

Going up there this weekend.(12/13 September) How busy are these huts. With the snow level quite low and Thursdays forecast what are conditions likely to be? Highest point is 1400 meters
Have been over Tarn hut in waist deep snow this time of year. However a trip over at this time last year no snow at all. Wasn't much snow at Black hill few weekends ago but unsure what this latest southerly has done. I would say there is a fair bit on Lilburn Hill. You could head up Tarn hut with the view that if the snow is too thick past it of staying at Tarn hut instead of carrying on to Youngman. As to popularity, access is a bit harder than others with Lees Valley road and 4wd track to start which puts some off. I have been to Youngman Stream hut and it has been dead empty but other times full to the brim. Only 6 bunks so I'd definitely be carrying a tent. Foothills have been absolutely crawling with people lately, I've put it down to people discovering the outdoors more since the lockdown.
Thanks Will be checking forecasts pluss looking towards the hills before going. If it looks too bad we can always just go to Youngman and back down the river
Tarn Hut is rightfully popular as it is a lovely wee hut in a superlative setting. Youngman (Stream) Hut is a further 2 hours walk though might take longer if there is deep snow. Last time we went there we arrived to a full hut in the snow so carried on. Perhaps with deep snow the hut won't be full this time.
Was a good trip. Patchy snow from half a kilometre up the Tarn hut side track pretty much complete coverage at the hut and 200mm deep powder in places up Lilbirn Hill. Slippery going down the other side.Also strong wind after Tarn. 3 others at Youngmans and 3 went in after us to stay at Tarn who we met on the way out. Also one person doing the loop the other way as a day trip. We saw him on our way down in the top stand of beech forest as he was heading up the hill sweat spraying in all directions despite the snow. He had a pack but it was no bigger than a camelback. Apparently he went through Tarn Hut at 4pm on his way out. Obviously a lot fitter and braver than us.

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Started by geeves
On 9 September 2020
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