Earplugs (logistics issue, not gear one).

Anyone who has read the recent issue of Wilderness magazine now knows I'm a tragic snorer. As mentioned in the article, I usually carry enough earplugs to give to those around me in a hut. Having said that, if I were to carry enough earplugs for everyone for the TA (doing the South Island this summer)..... Well, you can see my issue. What are people's thoughts? Carry earplugs, or expect TA walkers to have their own? Genuinely interested in feedback/suggestions. (Except the stay-outside suggestion; if there's a hut, as a long-time annual Backcountry Hut Pass holder, I'm staying in the hut)! 😃
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I recall hearing my mum snoring from where I was, outside and downstairs in the front garden. She was so bad, she used to pretend she was a foreigner. Not sure of the logic of that but I guess she didn't want to engage or liked giving foreigners a bad name! I must have been used to her b/c we shared her double bed for all of my childhood from infancy. Since then unfortunately I've lost my tolerance but Frank, bless him, doesn't mind my snoring. Except he wakes me up in huts when there are others there hearing my snoring. He rests his hand on my arm and it's a bit spooky when you're fast asleep...
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There are several points of interest here. As the other mentioned in the wilderness mag my experiences are also varied. As i get older i become less tolerant of those who don't pay their way.They are easy to identify as they seldom fill out the hut book. Like you i always carry some plugs for those who do listen but from that point on i cease to worry as it seems to me the people who have the most to say are usually snorers themselves and are reluctant to accept the fact(as i am also up and down during the night with an aged bladder its interesting to note those).
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It’s always embarrassing to wake in the morning and find others have moved out and be the recipient of deadly looks! I would be happy to be less of an annoyance by moving to the kitchen area but the late night revellers/card players etc are a problem for those who want to get to bed. It’s great for us to walk in NZ due to not having the weight of a tent and stove etc but as elsewhere in the world, huts and thereby communal living brings a whole other dimension. And further to hut etiquette, younger fitter members of families etc rushing ahead to gain prime position for the night. What’s that all about!? Phil
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On 4 September 2020
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