Earplugs (logistics issue, not gear one).

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Anyone who has read the recent issue of Wilderness magazine now knows I'm a tragic snorer. As mentioned in the article, I usually carry enough earplugs to give to those around me in a hut. Having said that, if I were to carry enough earplugs for everyone for the TA (doing the South Island this summer)..... Well, you can see my issue. What are people's thoughts? Carry earplugs, or expect TA walkers to have their own? Genuinely interested in feedback/suggestions. (Except the stay-outside suggestion; if there's a hut, as a long-time annual Backcountry Hut Pass holder, I'm staying in the hut)! 😃
Avoid alcohol & do your best to sleep on your side rather than flat on your back. I don't find those nostril opening clips help me much. Plenty of people snore at some time thru the night. Even females can 'purr'. If you're making an effort then it's also up to others how prepared they are for communal sleeping. Thanks, also, for your Great Walks thoughts. Interesting supplement to the September "Wilderness" mag. There's also a suggestion in the mags 'Letters' section about snoring mouth tape. Cheers !.
If you're a known freight train and still insist on sleeping in a hut with other users it may be interpreted as being inconsiderate. Emergency shelter should be in all of our kits, anyway. I can saw some logs, too. In fine weather, I'll drag a mattress and sleep on the verandah (if present) or even just inside the bush. Not only does this prevent me from inflicting other users with my song of discord, but also allows me to escape from other trumpet blowers.
Carry a cpap machine
Personally I could not care less. If snoring is the most annoying thing I find at a hut then I am very happy. Generally I find most humans have many much more annoying habits I am subjected too...
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common practice if the bunk room is a separate room, sleep in the dining area. or think about tenting.
@Pro-active: I won't be carrying alcohol, and I sleep in all positions. I haven't read the September issue yet. @Gregor: I do what I can, but it's not private accommodation. It's communal living. @geeves: I don't have sleep apnoea. Used to, but not anymore.
Getting the machine to work in a hut would of been fun as well. Alcohol does work. You give it to everyone else
I snore too. It's a bit embarassing to wake in the morning to find people have shifted away to another bunkroom etc. One could see using the huts through the lens of cooking your tea and sitting around in the ambience with companionship and then retreating to a tent to sleep on a DoC mattress in your own wee sandfly/mozzie proof space, secure in the knowlege that you're not annoying anyone. However I'm a cold sleeping hypocrite and I don't want to make the tent-carrier lug a damp tent or wait for it to dry in the morning either. And woe betide a TA traveller that doesn't carry ear plugs.
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One thing that does enhance my snoring is being too warm. Also I dont sleep well if too warm. Thats why Im often the last to think about lighting the fire and a mattress on the porch despite the weather has been as much for my benefit as everyone elses. I come from a family of snorers. My father can crack windows, my wife isnt much better and Im somewhere in the middle Other peoples mileage might vary but try finding your most comfortable sleep temperature and the one you snore least in. It might be you need to trade that $600 down bag on a $6 Warehouse special to get a decent nights sleep or it could be the other way round.
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