Hi all. Does anyone carry a packraft as a matter of course when tramping? Also, does anyone have the Klymit LWD, and if so, how does it go? I've just ordered one. Of course, I don't plan on doing any whitewater stuff in this thing, just river/inlet crossings.
Hi Kreig, Have a Klymit LWD, it works well enough at the price, and has much better more durable material than say a cheap Warehouse floaty toy PVC kind. I haven't used it with a big tramping pack in it as well yet. I plan to look at some tramping trips which depend on some packraft use this summer. I suspect it may not have the carrying capacity of some of the more specialised/expensive ones, and may not track as well as them either. It's basically the best version that could be made on an automatic "stamp them out automatically" fabric welding machine. I think I'd use mine in they way you describe, as an option to get across a slow flowing part of a river or inlet. If I was planning to do the Arawhata from say just below the 10 hour gorge, I'd maybe look at something fancier. As a big guy with possibly a big pack as well, you may be pushing the limits of what a Klymit LWD can carry, but it's probably OK for shorter flat water crossings.
@Ian_H cheers bro. That's what I figured. My pack won't be that heavy, but still, it won't be a speedboat! :D I've seen youtube videos with guys about my size and a pack, and they seem to go ok.

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Forum Gear talk
Started by Kreig
On 4 September 2020
Replies 2
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