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a post was recently put on a tramping facebook group with over 20,000 followers, the claim was that a named tramping club that is one of the FMC clubs had a dozen people turn up to a local bookable hut and hadnt booked and claimed ignorance about having to book at all , at a hut that has been bookable for years no one from the club may have seen the post ,, no one saying they were from the club responded before comments were closed after a lot of repetitive comments. I emailed the club president letting them know that this information about their club was visible to a lot of people online... their response was that the facts presented were incorrect, and they adhered to booking bookable huts.. , the original story was strange, if you're going to flout the rules, you're not likely to want to mention that you are from a formal tramping club. and you're hardly doing yourself any favours not following the rules in your local area... and the FMC clubs are usually pretty good at ettiquette and following rules.. I emailed the fb tramping group admin letting them know of the response, havent heard anything back yet.
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i emailed the president of the club.... i got a response within minutes...
i heard back from the person who complained online about the club he said the club definitely didnt book. they knew about booking the hut, but thought that they didnt apply for when they were going to be at the hut
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Started by waynowski
On 1 August 2020
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