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a post was recently put on a tramping facebook group with over 20,000 followers, the claim was that a named tramping club that is one of the FMC clubs had a dozen people turn up to a local bookable hut and hadnt booked and claimed ignorance about having to book at all , at a hut that has been bookable for years no one from the club may have seen the post ,, no one saying they were from the club responded before comments were closed after a lot of repetitive comments. I emailed the club president letting them know that this information about their club was visible to a lot of people online... their response was that the facts presented were incorrect, and they adhered to booking bookable huts.. , the original story was strange, if you're going to flout the rules, you're not likely to want to mention that you are from a formal tramping club. and you're hardly doing yourself any favours not following the rules in your local area... and the FMC clubs are usually pretty good at ettiquette and following rules.. I emailed the fb tramping group admin letting them know of the response, havent heard anything back yet.
I applaud a club or individual that perhaps takes the view that it is there to service those close to them. (it's members for example). They are not necessarily compelled to respond (waste time and resources) to every bit of praise or criticism from outside. That's just buying into the concept that longevity is the primary goal and that can only be achieved through continual growth and ever increasing popularity. It assists those that are looking to cause controversy and feed their need for attention. That's got to be one of the principle guidelines behind social media.
Its so easy to just say "Im a member of whatever the local club is" and its almost impossible to check. Probably better to pick a not so local club as there is less likely to be a member of that club at the hut. Short of id-ing the individuals and making them prove membership there is little that can be done. Who knows they may of just picked a location out of the air that just happened to match an actual club. Ive seen the same thing happen in the 4wd circles I also travel in where hoons have claimed membership of a club I belong to. These hoons have been churning up remote carparks and probably breaking into cars at the time and would not be members even if they had been. I had a phone call once by a land manager wanting to verify the membership of a certain person who had asked for access. He had been expelled from the club a year earlier and needless to say did not get access.
Yes, I read that and there was a huge pile on without any question about the accuracy of the original post. Similarly I was a bit uncomfortable with hut book details being posted (photo) after rubbish was left in a hut. No proof that the culprits wrote in the book (hardly likely they would either).
Add to this that if you look up that club's trip list, and its Facebook page which was quite active over the time, there's no mention of it intending or going anywhere near that hut. Maybe the admins of the group should be contacted.
the group admins been in contact with the club president.
"question about the accuracy of the original post." The post was accurate. Some people arrived at a bookable hut without booking and said they belonged to a certain club. That much is probably true. Whether they actually belonged to the club is the only question and probably beyond the knowledge of the poster to be able to verify. Tramping clubs dont give out id cards so how could on prove club membership and why would they generally have a need. If this type of event becomes more common though maybe a club id card might be in order.
I have also seen that FB post. That hut wasn't always bookable year round. From my understanding it was only bookable in peak season and first in during the off season. However, it was recently rebuilt and now has to be booked year round. That tramping club looks to have made it's trip schedule private now, which it really should have done anyway as it had personal phone numbers on it. There's an image in the comments of the fb post of the trip schedule to that hut/track on that weekend the original poster mentioned so that matches up and the club was likely there. I guess if the club really cared it would be easy for them to show proof they had booked.
Which weekend are you looking at, @Stoic? I can still see the trip schedule online and there was a trip to Holdsworth on 27th to 28th June. I thought that was earlier than the FB post was indicating.
The FB post seems to be gone now but the original poster indicated it was the same weekend. He said the trip was a few weekends prior (from when he made the post) and was posting because he hadn't had a response from president of the tramping club.
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