Locating Grid Reference on online Topomap

Ok, so I finally found where my copy of Moirs North had been 'tidied' to. I'm sitting with it open and the laptop on https://www.topomap.co.nz, and I want to locate a grid reference , say CA10 327 617. I understand how they work, would get there quickly on a paper map, but on the online map it's hard to find the numbers on the grid lines to then count squares across and up to locate the position mentioned. Any shortcuts/tricks/functionality in the software anyone wants to share? Thanks
Yeah, i've wrestled with the same problem. So far i've simply used powers of deduction and reference to paper maps to then return to the online version. I figured there would likely be some trick involved but haven't asked.
Use the online LINZ map reference converter (or download the app). Enter the Topo50 grid ref and note the Lat/Long in decimal degrees. Then, in NZ Topomap, click on 'more...', Coordinates, then enter the decimal deg position. Click on Convert and a pin is dropped on the location. Additionally, select "Convert coords to 'NZ Topo50 ...'" and you'll see the grid ref of the pin (as a cross check on your original reference).
Thanks, bernieq, It works, bit of a pain that the Linz converter outputs Lat Long in a single line, but topomap wants them in two separate boxes. Link to the [NZTOPO50 to Lat/Long online converter](https://www.geodesy.linz.govt.nz/concord/index.cgi?do_entry=Enter+more+coordinates&CI=&IC=H&ID=&IH=-&IO=EN&IS=NZTOPO50&NEXT=&OC=D&OD=&OH=-&OO=EN&OP=0&OS=NZGD2000&PN=N&YEAR=now), worth having that bookmarked.
The LINZ converter allows the output to be in a table, Lat 1st, Long 2nd. Then it's just Lat copy paste, Long copy paste. A bit challenging if your click finger's broken :smile:
it's much simpler than that. If you type your reference into the search box at the top right of https://www.topomap.co.nz/ it will take you straight there. In the case of CA10 327 617 it will be a location on the Abruzzi Glacier. Too easy!
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Thanks, Morris Oxford, I was sure there had to be a quick and easy way!

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