Tahr, deer numbers ‘out of control’ on West Coast

Dr McSweeney told this month's West Coast Tai Poutini Conservation Board meeting that the tahr population was exploding in the high country, and recreational and trophy hunters were not able to control it. https://www.odt.co.nz/rural-life/rural-life-other/tahr-deer-numbers-%E2%80%98out-control%E2%80%99-west-coast
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A lot of hunters dont want to be dropped by helicopter on a ridge then shoot half a dozen Thar before breakfast then another dozen before they are picked up for lunch. Ok some think this is hunting. A lot of hunters still want to go looking for their prey. The big problem is the amount they eat in an environment that never adapted to being eaten. The same apply to pretty much every animal introduced to NZ including us. There is a sport value to these animals but there is also an environmental cost to them being here. The trick is to balance it.
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If overseas hunters are the answer, is there some reason why they haven't already kept the numbers down? It doesn't seem as if the industry hadn't been ticking along, but I'm curious if it's mostly viable at all because it relies on tahr being at a level so high that it's causing substantial ecological damage, or something like that. RNZ's The Detail did a good feature on the whole thing a few days ago. https://www.rnz.co.nz/programmes/the-detail/story/2018754889/the-fierce-battle-over-himalayan-tahr
because theres a lot less hunters here? and access overseas may be easier? nz is a labrynth of endless poorly accessible valleys
Overseas hunters havnt been gone long enough to make much difference but as you say they were mostly hunting in areas the guide took them to and why would a guide go somewhere harder if the pickings were good at option 1. If the guide can guarantee a kill why make it hard for himself. I wonder also if when they come across a herd whether the guide is saying "you only paid for one". Recreational hunting isnt very efficient at pest control. Look at rabbits. Even govt sanctioned mass rabbit hunts barely made a difference in numbers
DOC have done and FAQ on the isue https://blog.doc.govt.nz/2020/08/07/10-questions-about-tahr/
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