Delaminating tent fly, and remedies

Has anyone managed to fix a delaminating tent fly? I have a ~10+ year old tent, nylon ripstop fly with polyurethane waterproofing, Macpac Nautilus I believe. The poly waterproofing is coming off, and I have found a product which you can use to reseal it, Gear Aid Tent Sure. Considering the price of a new tent, buying a couple of bottles of this and having a go will be my first port of call. Has anyone tried this before? Did you have any success? Cheers A
10 year old nylon is heading towards end of life unless it has a decent uv protection built in. Macpac are pretty good with spare parts you might be able to get a replacement fly That product is cheap enough to try but it only does 85 square feet per bottle Thats roughly 8 square meters so you might need 2 bottles unless you only do the problem bits. Could be worth a try but I would still price a new fly first.
"UV rot" affects nylon, from being in the sun a lot. it goes brittle and looses its tensile strength, becomes very prone to ripping. i had a pack that just fell apart on me and i only had it for a couple of years but walked to and from work in it...
I just looked this up. Macpac may be able to supply a fly but a new tent is on sale at 260 Also its polyester not nylon so less affected by uv
Thanks for your comments, I have contacted Macpac about a new fly for this tent, they have been very helpful.

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Started by M400-1
On 18 June 2020
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