NZTA closing canterbury roads when it snows

Natural hazards aren’t the biggest obstacles getting across the South Island’s main route to the West Coast - it's the NZ Transport Agency. In the interests of “safety” it plans to close the road when it snows heavily, but this is worrying the five skifields, every business, and the settlements including Arthurs Pass. They are concerned there will more closures than previously, and the snow clearing will take longer.
But they're not even basing it on actual snowfall, but the snow forecast! I can understand them getting frustrated rescuing folk who don't carry & fit chains and who don't know how to drive in snow, but on such a main thoroughfare as AP it's a bit restrictive. Another nanny state policy from the Peoples Democratic Health & Safety Woke Republic of Aotearoa :) I gather road crews can use their discretion on who they let through, so there's some wiggle room. A petition to review this idea is already circulating
Thanks, in part, to My Friend Alan 18,971 have signed so far. Blow this away & support the petition by following his link.
""... after an outcry from residents and businesses in the area, the agency has done a full U-turn on the policy. ....The change follows a town meeting at Castle Hill Village earlier this week which saw over 100 people turn out to have their voices heard. Over 20,000 people had also signed a petition against the chain ban which was launched soon after the announcement of the policy. Waka Kotahi system manager Pete Connors says, the agency has "heard very clearly" the response coming from the community along SH73. Effective immediately, the arterial route between Canterbury and the West Coast will revert to a "chains essential" category. “People will continue to be asked to carry and know how to fit vehicle snow chains on SH73, as on other South Island alpine and semi-alpine highways,” Mr Connors says.""

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Started by waynowski
On 14 June 2020
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