River crossing rules of thumb ?.

So, it's side profile, small shuffling steps, downstream diagonal to a planned run-out point. Have a longer emergency run-out contingency thought out. If you're confident, then it's the amount of your profile in contact with the water & the velocity of that water to give some sort of power factor that you will have to contend with. Any proven 'River Safe' techniques for assessing a crossing ?. Apart from asking "Can i avoid or cross elsewhere ?" & "Can I wait this out ?".
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"Packs seem to have got thinner & taller lately & make keeping head back & above water a challenge." That can be an issue in bush as well. I hate a pack thats taller than me. The Torlese I have is quite good in that regard
saw instructions for a new osprey pack, says do not immerse frame in water....
Wouldn't have the pack name would you ?.
looks like its their wheeled travel packs that shouldnt be immersed in water https://www.osprey.com/us/en/fitting-learning/pack-care
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