I shouldnt be alive reenactment documentary,

not sure if this was available online when it was first broadcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2TbTsfCnGE "When a climber falls over a cliff-edge in the New Zealand Alps he's forced to pull his broken body through harsh weather, and over rough terrain, all in the name of survival. With just his dog as his companion, limited resources, and no sign of rescue, this is a story of one man's miraculous survival, strength and will power, when staying alive seems near-impossible." and another They We're Stranded On A Cliff For 10 Days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWophXkBGqE
MadPom must cringe at the dramatic licence they took. It’s a truly remarkable story without all the dramatic “re-enactment” and stunt footage. As for the ‘ladies on the ledge’ I remember thinking at the time, why? Just why? or more to the point what was she thinking? If the route was as dramatic as they made it out to be then why no rope? Even a 30 metre half rope is better than nothing. The dilemma is then how much protection do you carry. What about harnesses, helmets? Without placing protection the lead is taking the risk not being belayed, not falling, then bringing up the less experienced person while maintaining minimal slack to arrest them quickly if they slip/fall. Even with all that risk assessment and deciding not to take harnesses, helmets and pro - take a rope or don’t go. And the big elephant- No Beacon 🤔
when the actor took a big slide, it looked like he was holding onto something between his legs that you couldnt see, like something underneath him to slide better on... but its TV, take it with a grain of salt.... looked like it was shot around Shotover pass. you'd have to pay DOC to shoot inside a park.

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Started by waynowski
On 23 May 2020
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