Landsbrough river

Hi, I am looking at doing a hiking/ hunting trip into the upper Landsborough river, has anyone walking into here? I'm thinking of starting at the Mahitahi River and heading up and over Muller pass into Zora Creek, But don't know how to get through Zora Canyon down to the Landsborough River. Also how far have people walked up the Landsborough river?
Grab a copy of Moir's Guide North and it will give you all the info you need. Have not been through there personally yet — other members here certainly have — but have researched the area as was wanting to do this March but ended up down Stewart Island instead. Zora Canyon is bypassed on the true left I believe though can double check that in Moir's tonight. You can walk right up the Landsborough (usually on the true left) and exit via Douglas Pass and either over the Gladiator or via Harpers if you so wish. Difficulty and level of alpine skill required obviously depends on the time of year and snow conditions/quantity. As unlikely as it seems from a map you can also exit over Karangarua Saddle as you can read on @Madpoms great routeguides site. This site also has detailed info on the Landsborough Valley and Douglas Pass. Not Zora canyon unfortunately. I am sure one of the folks with first hand experience will be able to chip in more.
Just checked Moir’s and Zora canyon is descended on the true left though it is quite an in-depth route description so well worth getting hold of a copy to study. *Zora autocorrect!

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Started by Benwood
On 12 May 2020
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