Kia ora koutou, now has a Patreon account. While advertising has previously covered hosting costs, the ongoing development and maintenance has never been covered. The site hasn't has the attention it needs recently -- I already have a full time job (for now) and it is hard for me to justify time away from my family. But now advertising has dropped to almost zero. With Patreon, we can explore a new way of funding development and maintenance. If the site is important to you, please consider supporting it. With enough funding, the site could become part of my primary work, not just a side project. Key points: - the site isn't at immediate risk - the site will remain free to access - the model is not sustainable long term as is Click through here to read more: Thanks everybody! And hey there are many ways to contribute without handing over money especially at this difficult time. Just by being here, your voice makes the site richer. So thank you again. Let's hope for a speedy move to Level 2 and resumption of tramping. Matthew
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Why $US, please ?.
Good question. Unfortunately, at this time Patreon offers support for USD, GBP, or EUR only, and two of these options were only just added. The good news is that Patreon is extending international support as a priority for 2020, although it might be awhile before we see NZD as an option. Please let me know if these support tiers do not work for you. Matthew
Kia ora anō, I just want to take a moment to thank everybody who has offered their early support. Early support is key as it helps build trust for later potential supporters. A Patreon page that is already receiving support is more likely to generate further support. So thank you again. You are all stars. Matthew
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Started by matthew
On 6 May 2020
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