Dogs in Huts

It is a well known rule that dogs are not allowed in DOC huts but still dog owners ignore the rule and pressure other hut users to accept their dogs in the hut with pleas such as "he very quiet and won't bother anyone: or "it's so cold it be cruel to make him sleep outside". The latest Wilderness magazine has such a story. The article quotes the author saying "Pippin was euphoric when we arrived at the delicious smelling (for her) hut. I tucked her into my thermal sleeping bag liner and made a fire." I presume this was in the hut as most fires are made in the huts. The hut referred to was Browning Hut in the Mount Richmond Forest Park. Anyone got any strategies of dealing with dogs owners who don't play by the rules?
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I got a flea from a hunters dog once. Took a couple days before I got rid of the little bugger.
'a'flea? When do you only ever get one flea.
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Well, they say if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas but I guess those fleas prefer the vizla to me...
I shared a hut with a dog (and it's owner) just the night before last. I don't mind at all. Man's best friend and all that. By the way, I started to count how many times Honora and Frank appeared in the hut book (Black Hill Hut) but I ran out of fingers and toes...
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I used to give a mate at work a hard time about how he was always going in to Black Hill Hut but then we started going there a lot too. That walk in along the Wharfedale can get to me, especially when we're walking out in the dark after track cutting on winter days. I entertain myself by trying to remember what's coming up next on the track. I think we've been there 35 times.
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