Snowy Creek(Dart)

HI All Just wondering if any one has successfully crossed Snowy creek at this time of the year,without the aid of the bridge?
1 deleted post from geeves
as long as it hasnt been raining heavily, its crossable
Nice one thanks for that.
1 deleted post from uman90
Thanks for the post uman90, but I don't think a fake US Id will help much when crossing the Snowy Creek at this time of year. Mind you if the US President think injecting disinfectant cures Covid19 I could be wrong.
I wasn't asked for ID when i drank some of the water from Snowy Ck, on my way to Lochnagar. I would suggest injecting a bit of the Snowy Creek as a cure for the Trump virus.

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Started by Yulzman
On 2 May 2020
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