one problem with Covid is that it is mainly killing people with pre existing medical conditions, a lot of them very sick and were going to die in the coming months or year, and its compressing their deaths into an earlier and shorter time frame, if you die while infected of covid then your cause of death is covid. friends uncle had been on oxygen for three years with a heart condition , he died of a heart attack, because he had covid , his death was recorded as covid, he was likely to die soon anyway without covid, it didnt help his condition, but it was one more thing that counted against him surviving. so the stats are hard to get right... so many people are getting covid at the same time with such serious pre existing medical conditions, what is really killing them? the combination ? but your prognosis isnt good if you do have certain major pre existing medical conditons hypoxia can be a big issue with covid, if you're elderly your aerobic capacity is likely to be low anyway, it doesnt take as much reduction in aerobic capacity till you get to a state where you cant absorb enough oxygen to stay alive.... younger people especially the fit can cope with the hypoxia a lot better and it wont push them as close to death the flu kills tens of thousand of people a year but over a longer time frame, because covid spreads so rapidly it hits a lot of people faster. covid could still be deadlier than the flu but the rate of infection makes it that much more alarming... and makes it look that much worse.
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low temps is academic if it can still spread indoors... same for a lot of bugs which proliferate more in winter. partly because of peoples vitamin D levels
And partly due to huddling behaviour. The link cites that ""None of the temperatures in badly affected cities dipped below 0C (32F)during the height of the epidemic, which may suggest a lower threshold beyond which the virus cannot survive."" Sterilisation by winter is a plus for NZ. So long as we can also curtail person to person spread.
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Started by waynowski
On 26 April 2020
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