DOC closing some facilities due to COVID 19

For the safety of visitors, volunteers and staff, DOC is temporarily closing its visitor centres to the public from today, and from tomorrow will be cancelling all hut and campsite bookings. Non-bookable campsites and remote backcountry huts will be closed if New Zealand reaches Alert Level 3.
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Think this way. They dont want to maintain facilities or rescue anyone as this could spread the beast. If you avoid everyone and do 100% safe tracks then the requirements are met but expect the powers that be to interpret this differently. Also dont call for help if something goes wrong. Im in the same boat. Not only in suburbia but flat suburbia. Highest hill within 5km of home is called Ashley river floodbank. 10km from home I have the Kaiapoi river floodbank as well which is about the same height. They must be nearly 5 meters high
1. Step up 2. Step down Don't try & weasel your way around this, boyos. Stay home & wash your hands. It's only a month. You can still walk to the supermarket EVERY DAY. Even if you park your car somewhere to make it more reasonable. Happy to argue this, but every compromise is another hole in the barricade. For the sake of 1 month ?. ADDED: Govt still says ""Personal walks and other active travel is fine, provided you follow the 2m physical distancing requirement at all times."" in Alert Level 4.
The rules change quickly - ""Don't even think about driving to the beach or a park for some fresh air once the lockdown starts. That's the message from police commissioner Mike Bush, who told Newstalk ZB host Chris Lynch that people should only go out in their cars to get essential supplies. "What happens if somebody wants to go for a drive, say to a local beach or get out and about to a local park?" Lynch asked. "Are they in a position to drive there?" "There's a short answer to that - no they're not," replied Bush. "You only go out in your vehicle if you need to go and get essential food supplies, essential medical supplies or medical treatment. Otherwise, please stay at home."" Edit: They do not want you going off your property and in contact with others not already in your containment sanctuary. Even the supermarket trip is for 'essentials', not an excuse for getting a daily leg stretch.
Dont we wish its only a month. Try no new cases for 14 days before lockdown finishes. Thats the realistic duration of this despite what they say. They might do this regionally. To be open in a month then that will mean all cases in the system in a fortnight. Thats optimistic. Who wants to guess when the borders will reopen
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I've seen a few people comment in various places that this is mostly about the risk of creating unnecessary rescue callouts, but I think there's far more to it than that. The government messaging about this has changed a lot in the last couple of days. That's probably a direct response to so many people asking and talking about how they can find loopholes to get away with doing whatever it is they want to do, so long as [blah blah 2 metres blah blah]. It's obvious that lots of people out there still want to convince themselves that stuff they want to do is perfectly okay, according to their own interpretation. It should frighten all of us if we're letting anyone and everyone interpret this as they want to, because that undermines the whole point. A solo tramp or going hunting or going fishing might be technically okay if it were carried out perfectly, but that sidesteps the point. Allowing exceptions to the general and simple rule creates new problems. Every time someone acts like they're getting an exception, other people expect it should also apply to them. The messaging and the enforcement become orders of magnitude harder, and confusion increases. There's a big responsibility we all have here, to lead by example, so that other people have less ammo for rationalising their own excuses to bend rules. Trying to rationalise loopholes, undermines the whole effort of getting the population to do something consistent for extremely important reasons.
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keeping peoples off the roads frees up emergency services from all the usual road crashes and keeps things free for dealing with potential serious covid patients, in europe they are having to helicopter patients all over the place to load balance the intensive care patients
DOC: National parks now out of bounds
Remember all those conversations here about how hard it is to close a national park.
How many people are going to emerge from the bush after a 7-10 day trip to empty roads and checkpoints? Reminds me of the plot of a certain book series.
> Remember all those conversations here about how hard it is to close a national park. But we're in a National Emergency with some exceptional restrictions imposed under the Health Act. Free entry and access doesn't guarantee that restrictions elsewhere should be lifted. For example, National Parks are also out of bounds to people in jail. Right now nearly everyone's being told to stay at home, nearby at most. With that in place it's difficult for nearly anyone to justify entering a National Park.
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