Tents on the Dusky - viable option?

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Question for anyone with any experience if the dusky. Is there flat/dry ground at all/any of the huts sufficient for a tent if huts are busy? Thinking of a trip using part of the Dusky at Easter (wx permitting) which I guess will be very popular.
Did it end of November last year. Generally I think the ground/grass was very soft/soft, but don't quite remember so some of this might be wrong. Huts do have plenty of floor space though, if that's your kind of thing. Hauroko Burn hut - big flat, mushy? (boardwalked from lake to hut) Halfway hut - flat, very mushy. Lake Roe - mushy. Think there are some flat rocky/stony patches big enough on the route heading west. Loch Maree hut - flat, dry enough. (Best out of these huts to tent). space for >3 tents? There is the shelter on the other side of the river (3 walls). Kintail hut - not a lot of room (maybe a Minaret), mix of Stoney/grass right out the front. not quite flat but could work. Upper Spey hut - mushy track to the south was board-walked. West arm - heaps of space. (could also biv inside the visitor center iirc) I might have a few photos if you want
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Thanks for that. Matches what i'd expect for the area - finding viable campspots always a challenge.
Maybe a hammock would be the go? Have to say I could always find a place to put up a tent in in Fiordland although there was only one site that was actually dead level (End Peak on the Princess Range).

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Started by madpom
On 16 March 2020
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