International Travel to NZ

From recent posts it seems people are still planning tramps in NZ but with Jacinda’s recent announcement re border closures we will all need to think again. For example we had organised and paid for flights/ DOC tramps from Oz in April but sadly this appears now to be not possible. More room for the Kiwis in the huts!
Yep. Agree. Responsable thing to do is not travel internationally. Currently waiting to cancel our tassie tramp/holiday once airlines get through the backlog of immediate travel changes/cancellations. Apparently we can get 'airline credit' to full value of the fare and avoid cancellation fees ... great unless airnz goes tits up! Though I'd be avoiding busy huts I think for now. The advice I've seen is sharing a hut or bunkroom for the night is being classed as 'close' contact but campground use is 'casual'. Huts will apparently need disinfecting after confirmed covid cases if they are in 'daily' or 'frequent' use.
Booyah !. Tent. And a decent sleeping bag or mat with a good R-value.
Yup. That's the plan. Speaking of which ...

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Vitamin D crucial to activating immune defenses Source: University of Copenhagen Summary: Scientists have found that vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses and that without sufficient intake of the vitamin - the killer cells of the immune system -- T cells -- will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body. The research team found that T cells first search for vitamin D in order to activate and if they cannot find enough of it will not complete the activation process. you dont get vitamin D fro the sun in winter, the further south, the less some parts little or none in late autumn or early spring
""AIM:The optimal plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentration is probably >75 nmol/L but in temperate regions lower levels are common. Few studies report the intensity of solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation when 25(OH)D is measured. We measured plasma 25(OH)D and incident solar UVB radiation in Christchurch and modelled the relationship between them."" ""CONCLUSIONS:Most Christchurch people are vitamin D deficient most of the time and a daily supplement of 2600 IU vitamin D3 would correct this."" From 'Seasonal variation in vitamin D levels in the Canterbury, New Zealand population in relation to available UV radiation.'
Im a naturist and very few naturists I know seem to get sick. This might be the reason why. The only question is what do I do with the 6 months worth of accumulated sick leave I currently have.
I think we're in the quiet before the storm. That 6 month leave might be handy very soon. I'd be packing my nudie kit, some of the good whisky & and good reads, to go tenting in Totaranui a while (?).
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Pro-active It is a nice way to plan your trip. I also do the same thing when I travel to go somewhere for an occasion.

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