Hollyford track status trip report

"Following the recent February 2020 flooding event in Fiordland/Southland and reports from several sources on the suspected damage to the Hollyford road, Gunn’s camp and Hollyford track/river we obtained permission for access to inspect the damage from a Packrafting point of view from both a guided and private perspective. " https://packraftingnz.com/update-post-floods-of-the-hollyford-pyke-loop
Wow! The Hollyford’s not going to reopen any time soon (without a raft by the sounds of it).
That will take a lot of time and money. Had it been the Milford it would be a no brainer.Every tourist wants to do the Milford but the Hollyford. Despite it being a much nicer walk it doesnt get the same attention. Hope they do fix it
who pays for the hollyford rd? the council or the govt? its not a state highway after it turns off from the milford rd ,so i wouldnt expect the govt to fork out for it unless they make a special case because of the tourist potential
Good question. I would say council but there is a big issue. Not many people in that area so not a big rating base to pay for it. If it was left to the council it might be a 4wd track for many years (ok looking at the photos it would be a challenging 4wd track). The government does have funds for disasters like this but it is a case by case basis. Im sure the tourist potential would see this road restored with govt funds. I wonder also if the council had insured its roads although EQC is meant to deal with these types of events although that is still broke after Kaikora and Christchurch
Road was just repaired when we walked it September 2021. Track conditions OK, also have spoken other trampers who walk in and out early March 2022 without any issues
So you can now drive as far as the Humboldt Creek bridge again?
Yes, indeed all the way to the end of the road at shelter & Humboldt Falls track. If there should be any further rain events and possible road damage, check the Southland Regional Council website.
Is there a new shelter at the end of the road near the Humboldt Falls track? I was there in the dark in an all night thunderstorm in late April last year, couldn't see a shelter anywhere, assumed it had washed away or been damaged/removed in the Feb 2020 floods

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Started by waynowski
On 7 March 2020
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