MSC Tramping Videos on relevant tracks.

Hi there, My name is Tom Harris and I work for the NZ Mountain Safety Council. As you may know, most of our work revolves around incident prevention tactics aimed at the wider public in the outdoor safety space. One of the projects we completed last year was a Tramping Video Series which highlights the key info people need prior to undertaking some of the most popular alpine hikes in New Zealand. These hikes were selected in consultation with Police, SAR, the Department of Conservation amongst other groups, and have been chosen using data driven insights. A link to the playlist is here: We are hoping you guys can embed these videos on each of the relevant track pages on this site. We already know these videos are effective in creating positive behaviour change in those that watch them, so we are trying to make them easier to find for those looking to do the tracks! As your site is one of the top results on Google when searching many of the routes, we are very keen to get the videos present here. I’m sure it would suit both our interests in making sure trampers/hikers are well prepared so they can have an enjoyable time on the mountain. Let me know what you think! Looking forward to hearing from you all. Cheers, Tom Harris | Partnerships Advisor – Alpine NZ Mountain Safety Council E: M: +64212419693 A: 29 Brandon Street | Wellington l PO Box 6027 #MakeItHomeNZ
Hi Tom, You might want to send a message to @Matthew if he doesn't reply to this or you directly, he owns and runs this site.
Thanks for that Scottie, will do!
Kia ora @tomharrisnz Thanks. I will look into this. Agree it would be a very good idea Thanks Matthew
Great thanks @Matthew! Let me know if you need me to provide anything to help with that. Cheers, Tom

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Started by tomharrisnz
On 27 February 2020
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