Snowy Creek to Lochnagar

Looking at route guides, thinking about a round trip from W Matukituki, Cascade Saddle,Snowy Creek, Lochnagar, Shotover Saddle. Looks a bit hairy along that sidle above Pine Creek, second picture down: Any thoughts on sidling west along the north side of 2182 and 2176 then into the head of Lochnagar, popping out the packraft and paddling down to the outlet?,168.604517&z=15 Either the spur to the west or the spur to the east of the pin on this map?,168.582072&z=15&pin=1 Curious if anyone (madpom?) has been or looked in there.
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Here's the link to the Public Access website. I can't see the difference between the Outdoor Access and Public Access Maps and the maps don't seem to be as helpful as they once were when they were superimposed onto the background of the topographic map.
Spoke to Margaret Blue from Branches Station on 441 8421. Friendly and helpful, said to just call closer to the date to confirm when I'll be in that area.
Honora, I also hadn't been to WAMS for a while and had the same problem - but you can change the basemap. I'm not sure what's the difference between Outdoor and Public but select one and then, from the menu, select Basemap and choose NZ Toppo - voila! Have a look at the Layers menu item, too. You can tailor the info shown on the map.
That's good to know, thanks @bernieq
Moving slightly off topic for a sec so maybe someone could PM me the answer, but I have found an inaccuracy in the maps/access in the link above. Is there anyone specific I contact to request it be updated/corrected?
If it's an issue with the base map (eg the topo map), I'd contact LINZ. If it's an issue with a layer (eg the green public access layer), email
Thanks @bernieq. It is with one of the shown accesses so will send a message to the email you provided. Thank you.
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Started by Ian_H
On 20 February 2020
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