Aircraft Wreck near Jumbo Hut

Hello all, I was hoping someone might be able to provide some advice on how to get to the aircraft wreck near Jumbo Hut. My son and I tried to get there when he was around 11 but the steepness of the slopes around Angle Knob put him off so we ended up having lunch there and headed back to Jumbo Hut. Now that he is in his late teens we'd like to try it again. From what I recall from our last attempt I was struggling to work out how best to get from the peak of Angle Knob over to Shingle Slip. I found a WMTC trip report where they suggested going to around to the North rather than going around the more direct looking Southern approach. I was thinking maybe the trick would be to try sidle Angle Knob (around the Southern side). Has anyone here headed over to the wreck before who can provide some tips? Thanks in advance!
Don't remember the exact details but something along the lines of. There's a scree chute on the northern side, go down that ?30m?, then scramble sidle around the face on tussock/rock (may have been a vague ground trail) back to the open ridge. It wasn't as bad as the trip report i read made it sound. Approach the wreck itself from directly above it.

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Started by boardmanl
On 15 February 2020
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