Kaweka Forest Adventure Feb 6th-9th 🏞

Hi, hiking community. I’m heading from Hamilton into the mighty Kaweka Forest for a four-day adventure starting from Makahu Hut with the destination being Manson Hut. I have loosely planned to also stay at Kiwi Saddle & Backridge Huts. Sadly none of my normal pool of 11 hiking buddies can make it so I’m casting a wider net for 1 to 3 new friends to add a layer of safety. You can check me out along with my adventures on YouTube @ Outdoorsman Dave or Instagram @outdoorsman_dave. You will need to be fit and able to hike a least three 6-8 hour / 12km days, be light-hearted and not too shy of being on camera & YouTube. Weather looks great so if you think we are a good fit contact me via this site or my Instagram. If not trip is not one for you then please feel free to still follow me on social media and live vicariously.

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Started by Outdoorsman Dave
On 3 February 2020
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