Macpac repair/parts

I have an old Macpac Canyon pack that I need the straps replaced. Does anyone know if they have replacement for old packs? ... what sort of prices do they charge?
not sure, but i'm pretty sure it will be repaired in chch and you'll have to pay the postage if you send your pack in even from one of their stores I put something in for warranty assessment, left it at a store, they shipped it to chch for assessment where their repair center is. i'm not near chch, they refused to cover it and then wanted to charge me postage which they never told me would happen....
If you were passing through Queenstown, I might be able to help, have a heavy duty industrial machine and have made packs. What do you need replaced, how do the straps attach to the pack? Post some pictures of the straps, how they attach to the pack if you like. Ian
We (I work for Macpac) can repair/replace most things it just depends if we still have straps that are appropriate for that pack in stock. Rather than send the pack into the Repairs team in CHCH you can take photos and send these through to either customer service or your local store and find out if it's possible and likely costs. We can tell a lot from an image and it would save unnecessary shipping costs if the repair cost is more than you would like to spend on the pack. Let me know if you need any help with the process. Rach
The plastic lining the battens have disintegrated and harness is quite well worn. I'd be happy just for the plastic to be replaced. Will make some photos and bring it into a local store to assess

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Started by pseudo
On 2 February 2020
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