Colorful long underwear (thermals) - where to buy?

I have recently seen some really striking long thermal Polypropylene bottoms that are made of clashing patterns and colours. For example, each leg might be different colour and the central gusset a clashing colour. Does anyone know where I can buy these? And what the brand is?
Well so far nothing in Queenstown. We’ll see what Te Anau has to offer today.
Back in the 80's when they were still making outdoor clothing in NZ we used to pick up large bags of scraps from the factory and sew some striking patchwork thermal gear from them. Are you sure what you saw wasn't someone doing similarly?
No - saw them in a shop in Melbourne but couldn’t get back before this trip. They only had a few packets though I think they were called Krazy colours. Anyway, there was nothing in Te Anau.
Duckduckgo "Crazy leggings Romwe". Choose 'images' for your search results. 'Romwe' seems to be an Aussie outlet with no outlet in NZ. Good luck with that. :)
Thanks Pro-active. Doesn’t look like they sell thermals unfortunately.
Try in a couple of months. Its still summer
It looks like more of a fashion site - but nice non-thermal leggings.

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Forum Gear talk
Started by Joynz
On 29 January 2020
Replies 7
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