Cascade Saddle - Whitbourn - Arawhata Saddle

Where: More or less the route Danilo Hegg documents here, perhaps without the deviations for peak bagging: When: Just after Easter, leaving Easter Monday 13 April, 5 - 8 days? Anyone interested in joining me? Any thoughts, anyone done the trip up to Whitbourn Saddle and down to the Arawhata? I've done the bits at either end - Cascade Saddle and Arawhata Saddle. Would need the cooperation of the weather in April, but there would be a couple of plan B's available if it started looking ugly anytime before Whitbourn Saddle. Hopefully not involving sitting on the wrong side of the Dart listening to boulders thumping along the bottom while the food runs out... Could also aim for next December or Jan if this Easter didn't work out. Ian

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Started by Ian_H
On 29 January 2020
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