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Hi All Will be visiting in April for a couple of the DOC tramps. Will hire a car and am interested to find out if there are any cheaper but reliable car hire outfits then the usual pricey companies? Phil
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I just get travel insurance with excess waiver. Much cheaper than the option to reduce the excess with the rental company. For example my insurance for a couple of weeks this month (from Friday this week!) was around $50 with Travel with Jane (backed by Lloyd’s) $100 excess and more than covered for any excess. And I get travel insurance as a bonus to cover theft, cancellation etc. I compared a lot of policies to be sure I was covered for gravel roads and for 16 days as some policies don’t offer the excess waiver after 15 days.
Thanks @joynz - it was your post on that alerted us to the aussie insurance situation when we were booking our tassie trip.
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These guys are the cheapest you'll find in New Zealand, I've been using them for years and have never had an issue
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My Apex car rental worked out well (picked up at Queenstown and returned it there yesterday). Cost Aus$28 per day & was rented for 16 days). Apex rental in NZ allows gravel (metal) roads. My travel insurance - which I got from Travel with Jane to cover the rental car excess waiver - was just Aus $60. Had no issues - but if I had, the insurance excess would have just been $100 charged by the travel insurance company.
I just can't make price my first and only consideration when choosing car hire.
Me neither - for me the first priority is whether the company will insure me for the period of hire and whether the places I want to go are covered. I imagine most people take a similar approach
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Just checked a 7-day rental on Omega with zero excess, $400 for 7 days = $57/day
Apex sucks. Just us a comparison site like Kayak or Tripomi to find latest deals.
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