repairing Terra Nova Tent

Ive just acquired a Terra Nova Quasar tent. The inner is too good to throw away but the 2 short poles need replacement. Thats easy enough but the fly has seen far to much sun and is completely rotten. It will need repairing just to use as a pattern. Terra Novas website has flys for the new model but at nearly 300 pounds plus freight that isnt economic on what is an old tent. Any other thoughts that wont break the bank otherwise its going on trademe as a kids play tent
see what twin needle in chch quote?
They came back suggesting it would be cheaper to get a new tent. I will try a few other canvas places but its looking more and more like I will be passing it on. If anyone is interested let me know. Its a lot of tent for what the price would be
I would be interested in the Quasar poles if they were still available :)
Sorry far too late. It went to a trademe buyer last March. You can but the more modern style poles on aliexpress for a reasonable cost but you will need to cut to length and put your own shock cord in. I have done this with one of my other tents About Us TentPole Technologies specializes in fiberglass and aluminum tent pole replacements and repairs. Our team has over 35 years of experience working with the industry’s top suppliers, including Easton Aluminum. Tent Pole Replacement We replace tent poles for all major manufacturers’ tents using only the highest quality shock cord, aluminum and fiberglass materials. Let us know the make, model, and pole specs of your tent and we’ll get you ready for your next camping adventure. Tent Pole Repair With a dedicated shop and our expertise in tent poles, TentPole Technologies provides quality repair of bent and broken equipment. We carry a wide variety of materials to get your poles working like new.

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Started by geeves
On 8 January 2020
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