Tramping partner based in Wellington

Hi! I'm new to this forum. I first started tramping about 5 years ago with my partner then and since have become increasingly obsessed (anything from ticking off the great walks to scrambling over Harmans pass etc etc). Unfortunately I no longer have someone to tramp with and though I do endeavour out on day tramps and simple overnight trips on my own it would be cool to do something more challenging with someone else so we can look out for each other i.e river crossings and tackling navigation together etc. I am based in Wellington, have a car, really enjoy cooking hut meals for people, can take flattering pictures of you and is trustworthy company. In return hopefully you can offer some friendly banter and have good general knowledge of the bush. For a general idea I am 25 years old, of moderate fitness and work in the animal health industry, looking mainly for someone to go on weekend or three day weekend trips with around Wellington or up to the Central Plateau, but totally keen for week long tramps in the South Island also. Get in touch! Linda
Quite often clubs are a good way to meet others with the same hobby. I use to be a member of the Hutt Valley Tramping Club and also a long time ago the Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club. Both would be eager to have you join.
Yes! I have been keeping an eye out for group tramps like that but it is much easier to be flexible and spontaneous organising with just one or two other persons. Thanks geeves,
Not familiar with the Wellington scene, but it's common to make friendships & then trip together. You can also advertise within the Club if you need to make up numbers or replace someone who had to drop out.
Hi Linda, I might be keen - I moved to Wellington a year ago and have done a couple tramps in the Tararuas since then, keen to explore a bit more. Unfortunately my weekends are all pretty booked up at the moment but I should be available from March onward? I've done several overnight tramps by myself (south island!) and a couple with clubs here, probably medium fitness as well. Pretty happy by myself but as you say if you have someone else who is keen on similar things that would be great! I also do not have a car so there's a plus. I'm planning to get a bit more adventurous as well, as an example last summer I did a two night tramp near Arthur's Pass, wandered off track by mistake and had a fantastic time as a result. Have since invested in a topo map app, so next time it will be a bit more on purpose..
Hey Alistair, sounds good. I am pretty keen to do some off the route navigation-heavy tracks such as the Dundas loop in the Tararuas. March and onwards is good. Arthur's Pass is not a bad place to be meandering in, on purpose or not :) flick me an email at!
I’m keen to hook up late April or May , a South Island track if your keen, Kind regards, Paul from Auckland

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by Linda Liu
On 20 December 2019
Replies 6
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