Looking for partners- fiordland off-route

Hey, I’m planning to do some off route tramping in the Fiordland area (inspired by moir’s guide south ) such as lake quill, light and dark valley, te au tops and others. Looking for partner/s who has experience in Backdoor tramping and would like to go for an adventure. I’m 30 years old and here for 5 more months ( until end of April) . Cheers! :-)
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@dodgydave - in 8 days tramping from Gorge Sound Hut to Gorge Burn Falls at the south end of Lk Te Anau I saw just 2 markers ... and you have mentioned them both!
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@madpom I am sure that would have been quite the trip. Where did you go from the Stillwater? (Up Twin Falls and over?) I have been trying to piece it together on the topo map but keep ending up at the South West Arm or McKenzie Burn rather than the Gorge Burn.
Over to Lake Wapiti via Twin Falls. Then Large Burn, Irene, Robin Saddle, tops to lake Ione and down Gorge Burn. Was going to continue from Ione over to Elaine, Awe, Oonah, Mica to Wilmot Pass road but forecast wasn't up to it. Link below has details http://routeguides.co.nz/trips/1666
@madpom It's been a while since I looked at routeguides. Not only is that one hell of a trip you've linked to above ... but the whole site has become a fantastic resource. Thank you for all the effort you have put into it. Even though I'm no longer fit or strong enough to tackle many of the routes described, I do enjoy reading them as a vicarious pleasure. On typing this I'm inspired to add in some of my old Dusky Sound routes if you like.
Awesome trip @madpom. Thanks for posting the link.
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Forum Tramping partners
Started by Liri alex
On 1 December 2019
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