Powell Hut 16 Nov 2019

Hi, I’m taking a group up to Powell Hut this weekend. There are two weather warnings out for 1) heavy rain and 2) gusty westerlies (120km/ph). We are only going to Powell Hut, not wanting to attempt any further than that. Would you reckon it still to be a safe track? Considering no river crossings and under the bush line. Thanks in advance, as I don’t want to put people in danger put them off tramping.
You'll be all good. The track will be no problem as near the top there is now practically a staircase to the hut (I think it even has a handrail....)
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I'm taking a small group up too. See you there.
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Awesome!! Thanks! Yes, we’ll see you there @PaulEvans 😊

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Started by Junet
On 15 November 2019
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