Cooking equipment for groups

We are doing the Routeburn over the Christmas break and travelling with 4 adults and 2 kids. Keen on advice on the ideal size/type of pots and pans for a group of this size. I'm thinking a decent sized pot for meals and a second pot for boiling water, desserts etc. Meals are mostly one pot/add hot water and simmer. Lightweight is preferable and I'd like it to last a few years. 1600ml, 2000ml? Pot and pan set or billies? Titanium or aluminum? Any brands better than others?
Figure out your menu. Simplify it. In essence, you need to get from A to B to C and out again. Then you can go crazy at a restaurant or supermarket. How many breakfast, lunches & dinners do you need ?. What is it you want to prepare ?. How much are you prepared to carry ?.
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I think a 2L billy as a minimum. A lot of the modern pots have a nice fold-out silicon-covered handle. Just carrying one pot would be a bit stoic though. If you carried a second pot, it could be one that nests nicely into the first pot although some people (including me) carry the stove burner unit in the pot. Some huts have pots etc. left behind but I don't know about the Routeburn. It might be kept quite tidy. Yarmoss seems to be the resident knowledge-resource on this region.
Thanks. Meals are as simple to prepare as possible while being nutritious for hungry hikers. Nobody fancies lugging food in and out - been there and done that! I'm assuming there'll be nothing in the huts other than minimal cooking facilities (gas cookers) so was thinking 2 pots, light enough to carry, that can nest together. We'll take a small burner with us for hot chocolates or cups of soup on the track for kids. it'll be back up if the hut is packed and we struggle for space around the hut facilities.
I use this kit for parties about that size:
Thanks Paul. The kit you use happens to be one on the short list. How do you find the weight?
No issue. When I take it along it means the party is large enough that we have economies of scale. I've used it to cook for 10 people. I store a small burner, a lighter, a folding cook-spoon, washing-up liquid, a dish cloth and a tea towel inside it. I have two smaller (much older) kits that I use for smaller party sizes.

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On 11 November 2019
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