R value of mattresses in huts - query

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Does anyone know what the R value of a hut mattress might typically be? I’m asking because I’m thinking of buying a quilt for tramping (-8 limit rating). I currently have a Sea to Summit ‘comfort plus‘ mat that is rated R 5 so I know the quilt will be warm enough paired with this mat when camping - even if it’s a bit cool. However, it would be helpful to know the typical R rating for a hut mattress to see if I could get away with a lower rated bag when in a hut. Thanks for any feedback on this.
Difficult question and looking at this site my conclusion is "enough" https://inspectapedia.com/insulation/Insulation-Values-Table.php#PolyUre From that looking at open cell polyurethane foam which is the closest to the foam in those mattresses I get 3.6 per 25mm and the mattresses are roughly 100mm thick so an r of a little over 12. Add the plastic cover and its no wonder I hate the things
Thanks for that. Very helpful. I wonder if those values in the link might be US rather than European style R values (for example in the US they talk about R38 batts which we would call ~R7)?
Dont know but if thats the case my 12 becomes a 24
Or around R2 (dividing 12 by 5).
I've slept on foam mattresses many a time. Had some of my best sleeps ever but I reckon those fire resistant DoC mattress coverings are a different beast altogether. I blow a bit of air into my own mattress (UL Synfil)and put that on top of theirs.
I do exactly the same as @Honora.
Yeah I find that the thick plastic covering (is this the fire resistant stuff?) wicks away a lot of heat energy. Last Feb in Kaimanawa I took to rolling out my sleeping mat, un-inflated, just to create a barrier. Worked well. Then again, my sleeping bag has never been the same since I washed it prior to this.
The blue-green foam inner to those new fire retarded mattresses is also fire resistant. So it's nit just the cover. The rat-chewed bits of old white foam used to make great firestarters
Those mattresses are sweat boxes especially with a synthetic summer weight bag. I use my airbed all the time now
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Started by Joynz
On 2 November 2019
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