DOC's new Tongariro Crossing Advisories

I don't think anyone's posted about this here, yet: I guess it's a good thing if it helps communicate advice to the thousands of people in a way that gets through, but... >The bad weather advisories will be triggered when wind chill reaches minus 10 degrees or colder on a fine day, zero or less when there's any rain or snow, if severe weather warning is issued for the national park, when wind speeds reach above 65 kilometres an hour or above 50 kilometres an hour when more than 10 millimetres of rain is predicted during a six-hour period. ...when it comes to the whole trigger thing, I sometimes wonder if this transition to a warning system based on metrics creates an excuse to not bother so much with people and expertise. I'm sure many of those there now are great, but it means there's less of an obligation for future tour companies and DOC to keep expertise on the ground, let alone to stress that people attempting the crossing should have a clue of what they're doing. If and when a tragedy happens, everyone in the chain doesn't get quizzed on whether they understood the advice they were giving, or made sensible decisions about what was happening in front of them. Instead, they get quizzed on whether they followed the rules of the process, and checked the correct forecast and put the signs out at the right times: blaming them if they didn't and exonerating them if they did. It's delegating a huge amount of responsibility from those nearest the situation into the hands of a few forecasters in a building in Wellington. They're expected to be right every single time about something they're not even directly connected with.
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if you camp 200m off the track you can walk a great walk without breaking the rules i believe its 500m in fiordland. but given the level of most great walkers and the terrain and thickness of the bush, few people do so,
Izogi - sure, that’s fine, but you’re speaking about 1-5% of track users in all likelihood, I’m talking about ‘regulating’ the 95% and only in heavy use areas like the Crossing. I’m not saying literally stop people, but you put obstacles in place, make it harder to cheat than to comply and the culture slowly changes over time. When I did my night crossing, I started at 8pm, even with a DOC station I would have be able to just head up the track - that’s fine. It’s about minimisation - not eliminating all issues.
The crossing is advertised as a day walk although for most its a long day. No camping restrictions are going to do much. They have put a parking restriction at the road end which would add an hour to one end but you can still be dropped off by a private car so controlling the shuttles wont control everyone. However most that use private transport are people that know what they are doing so dont need as much control. The problem is that most peoples perception of a day walk doesnt match well with the Tongarero Crossing. We know what it is and prepare accordingly but so many compare it to a walk in the park
the wind hit 190k up there a week ago
Also...the PCT is a very dry trail.
@waynowski they're almost all 500m I think. Nearly all of the National Parks have bylaws to restrict camping within 500m of the relevant Great Walk track. The exception is Paparoa National Park for which nobody's yet gotten around to making bylaws, plus I've lost track of what's now happening in Te Urewera. I think the Board can make bylaws or something equivalent but I'm not sure if the old ones carried through. The 200m thing comes from the Freedom Camping Act which says no camping within 200m of any Great Walk (except Pike29 because it's not been updated), and that seems redundant if they all have bylaws saying 500m. Edit: Whanganui Journey is another weird one, aside from being a river rather than a track. No bylaws about camping but the Freedom Camping Act says no camping within 200m.
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