Rain Jacket for NZ conditions

Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a new rain jacket since my old one from Kathmandu is starting to fall apart after many years of use. I'm moving to Wellington in January (currently in Sydney), and will be joining the Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club. Based on that I think my staple trip will be Tararuas, but I also want to do trips to Tongariro and Taranaki, and more alpine stuff on the south island once I gain the necessary experience. With all that in mind, I've been looking at the rain jackets available from Macpac, and am really unsure what to get! Below is a breakdown of the jackets I've been looking at. Macpac Lightweight Prophet Pertex Rain Jacket: Weighs 480g, marketed as an alpine hardshell. Gets great reviews on the Australian website, sounds like a great jacket but quite expensive. Macpac Traverse Pertex Rain Jacket: Weighs 340g, marketed as an allround rain jacket. Macpac Copland Long Rain Jacket: Weighs 650g, covers down past the waist, marketed as a jacket for staying warm and dry while hiking. Seems heavy to me, but may be worth it if it replaces waterproof pants. Macpac Resolution Pertex Rain Jacket: Weighs 620g, covers down past the waist, marketed as a jacket for stormy weather. Again seems heavy, but might be worth it. I am conscious of the weight of the longer jackets, so I would only seriously consider them if they replaced waterproof trousers in conjunction with knee-length gaiters. I've got the following questions for you guys: How much of the time (generally) do you wear your rain jackets in NZ conditions? If you wear them most of the time then the heavier weight of the long jackets might not matter. How much of the time do you wear gaiters? I assume most of the time in the Tararuas, not sure about Tongariro and Taranaki or other alpine environments. Is there a significant difference between a 'rain jacket' and a 'hard shell'? I know some of the differences in theory but not sure how they translate in practice. I do want to do alpine stuff so not sure how much of a difference that makes. I'm quite happy to fork out for a good jacket if I know it will last a while and be the right jacket for my use. I thought it might help to get input from some of you experienced in NZ conditions. Cheers!
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@waynowski I also have an Outdoor research goretex shell with pit zips under arms and I prefer it to my Arcteryx goretex one without pit zips... I got a couple of pairs of gaiters, all goretex but I don't wear them much, except maybe in mud/snow + the climbing ones (thicker) in mountains with venomous snakes (in Romania not in NZ)...
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Started by RasAlt3
On 27 October 2019
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