Peanut butter - double bagged

Haven't tried it yet. Anybody got a better way (other than Pics slugs)?. ""A standard 18oz peanut butter jar will completely fit in a quart ziplock. Double bag in a second ziplock, cut off the corner of the inner ziplock and use it like a cake frosting piping bag. Before double bagging squeeze the peanut butter about half an inch from the cut corner and fold it over a little before inserting into the double bag."" Maybe a small bag clip over the corner of the 'cut' bag ?. Maybe ration the jar into a few intact zip-lock bags to be cut at stages on a multi-day ?.
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I'd like to try!
Bin Inn used to do 'Grind-your-own-PB'. Straight into the zip-lock would be handy.
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Or maybe just take the pladtic jar it came in.
Nalgene containers are light, watertight and easy to fill, clean and re-use.
PB is a lunch staple on vita-wheat biscuits for me. I carry it in the plastic jar the pb comes in - jar weighs 38g. For a 30g difference, ziploks aren't robust enough imo. Shorter trips, I'll put some in a smaller jar at just 23g. BTW, aardvark, your idea of lightweight is a little different to mine. 1L nalgene weigh 177g compared to (eg) a 2L juice/vinegar bottle at 68g.
Yeah but a 60 - 100ml nalgene could be sufficient and i wouldn't take a whole jar of peanut butter. If i only have a half jar or less there is the space to consider sometimes. It's good to have options and we're simply sharing ideas for other people to consider too. I too have used and will again use clip seal bags on occasion. Especially if it's sharing space in another container.
Would 100ml cut it? Pro-active (OP) was talking about 18oz - 450 to 500g. The smallest nalgene (that would be big enough) I could find was the 1L variety. That's what I thought you were recommending as a lightweight solution. Sure, ziploks can be useful - I just wouldn't risk pb double-bagged in my pack. Pro-active, another consideration is reuse-ability.
I've got nalgenes from 5ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml etc. Round ones, square ones, different plastics etc. They're out there. A daywalk with a half packet of crackers. I might have vegemite too, or jam. I mean a meal for me is usually a variety of different things. I get bored with lots of one item.
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Started by Pro-active
On 21 October 2019
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