hi just looked up the site thro a vpn from the UK, directed via france, and saw the ads for US mortgage deals based on 'trump rolling back the obama legislation'! doesn't feel very appropriate. is that a vpn thing?
As far as I know the ads here are placed by Google ad sense. Matthew will correct me if Im wrong. The ads you see are based on the data google collects from your browsing history via cookies and other things we are better off not knowing exist. The vpn might cause odd things to happen but generally the ads are things you have shown an interest in. Matthew has blocked some ads based on adult content etc but beyond that he has no control. A connection from overseas will see different ads and if you have been looking at mortgages you will see mortgage ads. If you are using a shared pc then the searches of others affect your result
My searches will show up on my partner's PC and also my work PC. Just as well I've got nothing to hide!
if you are logged on in your browser to something like google with a google account, they will track you and follow you around with similar ads, they know you're the same person on different computers.. there's other things like multiple machines at home have the same external internet address comparable to sharing a street address and send similar ads to that address but they try and work out specific people and target to them if they can... but if you build up a similar search history on different machines then you will get similar ads facebook may actually pick up what you say through your microphone, there are claims people have been talking then they get ads come up that are related to what they were saying, i dont know if thats true, if they are talking about something that they have searched about anyway then they are likely to get the ads that coincide with that subject.
Late to this thread but if you see an ad that seens particularly inappropriate, let me know. I will add a streamlined way to do this soon. Yes the ads are auto placed by Google. I can block them though. I would ll be adding a way to opt out of ads also. Matthew

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Started by muchty
On 17 October 2019
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