Alpine route Mt.Richmond or Traverse-Sabine ?

Hello people! With the warm season coming up dreams start to get more alive. I would be interest on two particular treks. 1)Alpine route in the nelson area or 2)Traverse sabine circuit.(If I'm not wrong @berend did last summer) Did someone of you did both? Which one would you suggest? Any particular recommendations? Would love to do this end of Jen/Feb. Please feel free to comment.
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Gregor, I don't think the green algae is anything new and predates the clarity testing. It's part of the ecosystem, not contamination. I agree about the sign, though - and the camping area is (or used to be) too close to the lake, imo.
Ah the wasps yes, they have a lot of wasp control in place, but probably not so much when you decide to wild camp. Take some antihistamine tablets, we use zista, which every pharmacy will have:
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DOC has wasps fairly under control in the Travers but the Sabine is another matter. In 2016 during another stint as a hut warden, DOC asked me to chat up trampers I met along to track to get some info on numbers, intentions, activities, etc. I saw a young woman and struck up a conversation. Before I knew it, she had dropped her pack right atop a ground nest and within seconds she had been stung 16 times. I bolted and escaped. I administered antihistamine and stayed with her to monitor her condition. Luckily, she did not have an allergic reaction. We were able to use my poles to retrieve her pack, with a couple of "head for the hills" dashes to avoid the enraged wasps.
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Hey Giuseppe I wandered around Nelson lakes Feb last year. Fantastic trip. Walked the Sabine, then up the D’Urville, over moss pass to blue lake, then back out along the travers to hopeless hut, then over sunset saddle to angelus then out via Robert ridge. 8 days of walking + 1 day of exploring the upper D’Urville. Regarding whether or not to take a tent. First night was at Speargrass hut. By mid afternoon it was full and people were pushing on the extra 5 hours to Sabine hut. After that I pretty much had the d’urville valley to myself. Huts along the TA section of the track were mostly full, as was angelus Hut (booking req’d). Hopeless hut sees very few people. An experienced group I met on the track spent a night at bushline hut at the end of Robert ridge and highly recommended it. I can’t work out how to attach files to this reply, so PM me your email address if you want a map showing the route with general walking times + approx elevation profile (from google earth). Just be prepared to be frequently asked if you are NOBO or SOBO :) Cheers, Moh.
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@moh thank you my friend. I will definitely bother you !
If you`re looking to put a bob each way,head up to the Upper Travers Hut(pretty full each time I`ve been there),then head over the Begley Saddle & aim for Begley Hut(that won`t be like a sardine tin).Worth a peeky boo.
@lenshaw. Whats begley saddle like? Looks pretty steep on Travers side - do I take it from your recommendation it's straight forward & non-technical? And do you mean the named Begley Saddle directly above travers hut or the unnamed one 3km north that leads to the head of the main Begley Stream? If one if those saddles is a good route then it's the perfect missing link in my Kaikoura to Karamea coast-to-coast route - a safe alternative to the unacceptably exposed Rainbow Pass.
Mr Madpom,When you look up the hill from near Upper Travers Hut,you see two possible alternatives to identifying Begley Saddle.We picked the right and it was wrong.We got to the top at 2000m & it was hell-on-wheels getting down to the scree on the Begley side.When we did,we were looking at the E side of the REAL Begley Saddle.It`s pretty benign in comparison to our scramble.Once on the scree in a big basin it`s meat & potatoes to join the track up to Begley Hut.We do want to return & go from Begley Hut out via Connors Creek. You are right,Rainbow Pass looks a bit too exciting.I don`t know about the saddle at the head of Begley Stream but someone else on here may care to comment.Don`t ask a helo pilot,they reckon everything looks do-able.Stick to Begley Saddle,I reckon there`ll be a white line on it!
rainbow pass route
Excellent take & photos of Rainbow Pass.You could do Begley Saddle in your sleep compared with this but it`s tempting...With your track-cred Madpom,either route will get the job done.
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Started by giuseppe23
On 2 October 2019
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