Two people found dead after search for light plane

Police said the wreckage of a light aircraft was found in the northern Tararua Range at 7.30am on Monday. The men, on board the aircraft, went on a training flight at about Sunday 2.15pm and was scheduled to land at Paraparaumu at 8pm.
The crash site on One News last night looked to be on the south face of Huakura Ridge?
Sorry dumb question but which one is Huakura Ridge? If I've heard of it then I can't remember and I can't quickly find it on a map. I tried to interpret where the finger was pointing at on the news report but I couldn't make out the features. Edit: Sorry, never mind, found it. (Haukura Ridge, south-east of East Peak.)
Same weekend, the RNZAF lifted out a duo a bit earlier. They set off their PLB. We in trouble around East/West peak I understand. Treated for hypothermia after rescue. Got a PLB from Masterton before going in. Winds were too high for local helicopter to search. wasn't good weekend for tramping the tops
I think those same two have put a raving review of their microlight tent on the macpac website lol. It maybe still there. On East Peak that is.
Isn't that review from April 19 2018?

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