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So two questions. First has anyone had this tent. What was good or bad about it? Second if I buy this tent but have it sent to my uncles california address and he then sends it to me as a gift will I avoid duty tax? Cheers
I owned a Moment DW a while ago, it's a nice little tent, the new Tarptent fabric is 3000mm water pressure rated which is better than their old fabric. The end struts take some getting used to, but no big deal. As far as duty, you'll only get charged if you buy directly and get it shipped here, if it goes via your family in the US then it's just like them sending you a pair of pants, etc...you won't pay duty. I would recommend getting your shelter insured in case it goes missing, which is very unlikely.
Cheers for that. How is it in strong wind and rain?
Never had it out in strong wind, rain was no issues, however it's a single pole shelter with struts on each end, so it has limitations in the wind. Personally I would go with this over the Moment... https://www.bivouac.co.nz/brands/vango/vango-f10-helium-ul-1-tent.html
That's a nice looking little tent
Has a 6000mm pressure rated floor and uses aluminium struts instead of carbon, about the same weight and you can buy them locally.
I see they make a 2 person for not much more weight https://www.vango.co.uk/gb/tents/1043-f10-helium-ul-2.html
I have the Tarptent Double Moment (no longer manufactured), purchased it with both a double inner and a modified single Moment inner. If the wife wishes to go with me the double inner is applicable, but if tramping solo I take the single inner, cuts the weight down and leaves more room for gear inside tent. I am always overweight on camera gear. I also have the extra pole that improves the tent for snow loading and wind factors. Nice tent never had a problem.
Hi Frank, have you used it much on open tops. How does it stand up.
Shelters like the Moment are not designed for high wind, they are designed to be livable and light, with campsite selection being an important factor in their performance. You might get away with it but personally speaking I would never trust carbon fiber in a high stress environment, and for any Tarptent with struts I would carry one extra strut with me just in case, they weigh next to nothing and are cheap to purchase. The Moment has long broad sides that will catch wind, I suspect a Notch would be slightly better in high wind but I'm speculating.

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