Looking for a tramping partner late Jan-Feb 2020

Hi, Looking for a tramping partner late Jan-Feb 2020 and ideas. Two years ago I've done the Routeburn Track and a bunch of day trips, had a car, drove around the S island, etc. It was late fall, eary winter though, so Kepler got snowed in, looking for other ideas this time? And shall I bring a tent? Also consider maybe going to the beaches on the N side of the island (haven't been there yet, the furthest N I went being Mt. Cook and Franz Jozef glacier, respectively). In the S, I've done Milford and Doubtful fiords. Based on my limited knowledge, I aim to spent more time around Wanaka and probably Glenorchy. Cheers, Marian
Bring, at a minimum, emergency accommodation sufficient to survive the night if you break a leg or something. Unless your tramping buddy has something appropriate with them.
Hi, try the north island for a change? I will be in the Tararua ranges around that time
@Dave1963 Are you doing it for a change,like you said, having done a lot in South island allready? And thanks, I'll think about it.
No, I am just more familiar with the country, haven't done alot down south, would love to get to Stewart island some day tho.

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Forum Tramping partners
Started by marian
On 27 September 2019
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