How much snow on Northern Tararuas?

Hi all, looking at doing a Tararuas Northern Crossing (from Herepai), has anyone been at Dundas or Arete very recently? Any snow? My daughter in law just send me some pictures (from the Southern bit) and doesn't look like much snow, but it would be great to have up close observation. Lots of fresh or deep snow would make the days too long for my party.
Have you done that section before....? Dundas and Arete through to Arete Biv and even down the pinnacles into Arete Forks Hut is some pretty gnarly country. I did it in December (and it was snowing then!) and I couldn't even begin to imagine approaching that terrain in winter months without some pretty extreme alpine gear and experience. I would 100% assume there will be ice in the heat of the day, along with avalanche risk, I don't even think navigating those peaks is possible in such conditions, particularly because the section between Arete Biv and Arete Forks is very poorly marked (if you need an escape route). The walk to Dracophylum is long, very steep in sections, and Nichols crossing is jesus... unimaginable trying to access the hut. and likely impassible. How long have you had a death wish? Please by a PLB if you don't listen to me.
friend just told me , light dusting of snow up there now, more snow due tonight, not supposed to be heavy..
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just come out. hardly any snow in northern end. bit around mitre, 3 kings etc still.
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Started by Berend de Boer
On 18 September 2019
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